Tell-tale Signs Of A Toxic Friend

Many people cherish their friendships and want it to last. But there are times when friendships are not exactly what they seem. One can’t always be sure if a friendship is true or if it leads to a dangerous path that can cause damaged relationships. There are such friends that you may consider as toxic. Here are some of the signs to watch out for when talking about toxic friends.

You always feel stressed out being with your friend.

You really wanted to be with a friend in order to enjoy good times and just plainly enjoy good company. But there are also friends that somehow just wear you down, physically, mentally and emotionally whenever you are with them. A friend who can’t always stop complaining about everything, endlessly talks about all the problems and simply sees everything negative can easily stress you out. It can be a sign that your friend is someone that makes you feel bad instead of feeling good when meeting up with each other.

A friend that only calls you when a favor from you is needed.

Everyone has that type of friend that only seems to be around when he or she needs something. You seem to only hear from such friends when they need help or they want something from you but are never around when it’s you who needs help. This is a sign of a toxic and selfish friend. True friendships should be balanced, help and encourage one another and not just be a one-sided relationship.

A friend that constantly competes with you.

There is healthy competition between friends and there is one that goes overboard. Too much competition between friends on just about anything can become too draining and can no longer be helpful to the relationship. Competing with each other on who gets the best love relationships, the best job or career, the most success, etc. would just leave one or the other feeling bad or envious. It won’t help strengthen or build up any friendship.

A friend that constantly criticizes everything about you.

While friends would say that they are doing it for your own good, constant criticism would leave a bad taste in the mouth all the time. A friend criticizing everything from the way you look, your choice of love or career and just everything that needs some criticism can be a very toxic friend that you would be better without.
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