Common Dangers In the Bathroom

Going to the bathroom is an everyday routine. But while it may be considered as such, some people may overlook the certain dangers that lurk there. Here are just some of the common dangers that people might be facing everyday while going into the bathroom.

Water Danger

Since water is always present in bathrooms, it also presents a higher risk of danger in case it finds itself making a puddle on the floor. Water makes the floor more slippery in the bathroom causing a higher risk of falls and injury. One way to prevent it is by keeping floors as dry as possible. Have an absorbent mop handy inside the bathroom to wipe up any water puddles on the floor as soon as you see them. For the shower area, putting a non-slip floor might be a good option to avoid unnecessary slips on a wet floor.

Soapy Slick

It is not only water that can cause slips and injury in the bathroom. Soapy buildup on the tub or the shower floor can also cause a more slippery floor. Make sure that soapy buildup is prevented by regularly washing and cleaning the tub or the floor out of any soap film that may remain after taking a bath. It will also help to install additional grab rails on areas where one may likely to grab on to when losing balance.

Electric Space Heater

It can be common for some people to use an electric space heater inside the bathroom to help keep it warm and heated for the kids or older family members, especially during the cold season. Some people also use it to save up on electric bills. But just like any other electrical devices, they pose a risk of electrocution especially in the presence of water. Not only that, slipping into an electric heater can also cause burns while dropping a towel or some tissue into it can easily cause fires.

There are other alternatives to using a space heater to warm up the bathroom. Turning the hot shower a few minutes before someone comes in can help make it warm enough to get into. Put towels or the bathrobe into a dryer and run it for a few minutes to make it warm and comfortable for use after a shower.
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