Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes This Summer

While the summer season gives people the opportunity to spend more times outdoors, there can also be issues with the pesky mosquitoes also having their time out in the open. While summer can be fun and enjoyable, mosquitoes can easily ruin any summer experience. That is why it is also important to try to keep them at bay during the season. Here are some of the ways that you may be able to do it effectively this summer.

Use Electric Zappers Outside The Home

Electric zappers are those lamp-like gadgets that are actually powerful electric mosquito killers. In fact, they also work with the other pesky insects that come out in the summer. You simply just let it on and the light it emits effectively attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects into it. As the insects get nearer, they get zapped by the electric coils surrounding the light. Electric zappers are effective as an insect control measure for outdoor spaces around the home. Some powerful models are good for protecting the home for up to a range of one acre.

Use Citronella Candles Indoors

If the mosquito problem you have in the summer is indoors, you can consider using citronella candles to keep them away. Mosquitoes seem to dislike the smell of citronella and would want to be as far away from them as possible. Citronella candles are effective mosquito repellents and do not really kill the insects. These candles simply drive them away.

Mosquito Dunks

If there is a lot of stagnant water around your home, then you might have a serious mosquito problem to face this summer. These areas provide a means for the mosquitoes to breed and multiply. You can prevent this from happening by putting in mosquito dunks into areas where there might be stagnant water. These donut shaped tablets dissolve in stagnant water and kill mosquito larvae within a 100 foot radius for up to a 30-day period for each tablet. This will effectively prevent mosquitoes from multiplying and help you get rid of your mosquito problem before it even gets worse.
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