Home Remedies For Summer Bites And Aches

Summer season is time once again to head out to the beaches and enjoy some days out in the sun. But if one is not too careful, that summer experience can also bring along some of those aches and pains. Sunburns, jelly fish stings, bug bites and other painful experiences pervade during the summer season. Here are some of the effective home remedies that may help relieve some of these summer aches and pains.

Use Baking Soda For Mosquito Bites

For those itchy and painful bites by mosquitoes and other insects, having some baking soda handy in the home may help. Just mix a little baking soda with water to create a paste and then apply it to the bitten area. Baking soda acts as an astringent to relieve the symptoms of pain and itchiness brought about by insect bites.

Treat Sunburns With Oatmeal

If you went out for a long day out in the sun and forgot to use any sunscreen, then you’re in for some of the pain that sunburn brings you. But you don’t have to live with the pain when youre back home. You can use oatmeal to help soothe the pain away. Grind about a cup of instant unflavored oatmeal into powder so that it will dissolve when you mix it with your lukewarm bath water. Pat the mixture into the sore areas when you take a bath. Oatmeal has some anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the discomfort that comes with sunburn.

Use Honey As Antiseptic For Wounds

Kids playing outside during the summer can easily get scrapes from running around or falling off a bike. When the usual antiseptic can’t be found around the home to treat the wound, honey can be used as a natural home remedy. Pure honey is considered as a natural anti-microbial compound that can prevent wounds and scrapes from getting infected. Just dab the wound with a bit of honey to prevent infection and speed up healing.

Papaya For Heartburn

Summer is also a time for frequent barbecue parties. Family outings and gatherings usually comes with lots and lots of food to eat. Too much of this enjoyment can lead to heartburn. If a bottle of antacid can’t be found anywhere, papaya might also do well against heartburn. This summer fruit contains papain which is an enzyme that aids in digestion. Eating a few slices of the fruit especially after a heavy meal of heartburn triggers like fried and spicy food may help relieve that gastrointestinal distress.
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