Surprising Facts About Soda

Soda has become a very common part of today’s diet lifestyle, along with fast food. In fact, it has become a popular beverage worldwide, regardless of its unhealthy effects. But there are other surprising facts that people should know about soda, especially in the US. Here are just some of them.

Most soda drinks today contain genetically engineered ingredients.

It may be a surprise to many people, but soda as well as a host of other processed foods in the market may already contain genetically engineered ingredients. In the case of soda, it can be from high fructose corn syrup, a majority of which is sourced out from genetically engineered corn in the US. The problem with this is that many genetically engineered crops still lack the proper safety testing and yet they are now being used in many processed foods like soda. And for most soda drinkers today (as well as for those many other consumers of products containing GE ingredients), they might also be considered as de-facto human test subjects for GE food ingredients without them even knowing it.

Sodas can contain compounds used as flame retardants.

Many popular soda brands contain an ingredient called BVO. It is short for brominated vegetable oil. For most people, it may not mean that much and may seem harmless. It is used in sodas in order to prevent artificial flavoring from separating from the rest of the liquid. But this compound is also being used as a flame retardant. BVO is known to cause skin lesions as well as nerve disorders and memory loss.

Sodas help increase deep fats in the organs.

There are certain body fats that are quite hidden and are being stored in the body’s different organs. Too much of such fats can be quite harmful over time. And a certain study suggests that drinking sodas can contribute to such fats from accumulating in the organs.

A recent Danish study has revealed that drinking soda can cause dramatic accumulation of hidden fats in the organs. The study involved participants requested to drink either regular soda, diet cola, milk containing the same calories as regular soda or water for six months. The results showed that total fat mass remained the same for all the beverage-consuming groups. But the dramatic difference is that the regular soda drinkers exhibited increases in the dangerous hidden fats, most notably liver fat and skeletal fat. In addition, the regular soda drinkers also showed an 11 percent increase in their cholesterol levels compared to the other groups.
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