Your Mouth And Your Health

When it comes to your health, your body usually displays certain symptoms that will indicate on what state it is in. But most people do not usually notice this all of the time. But it is not hard to notice the symptoms coming from your mouth. Once they look at the mirror, they usually see it instantly. Although you may have a perfect set of teeth , other problems may come out of it. They can mean a lot of different things when it comes to your health. Here are some of the things to watch out for.

Bad breath may mean you have stomach issues.

You have bad breath and you can’t quite determine the reason why. You always take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly. You get regular dental checkups but you still have bad breath. It might mean that you have stomach issues. Bacterial growth from the stomach can cause bad breath that is not linked to your teeth. Diabetics can also have bad breath that indicates their blood sugar levels are not under control.

Gum disease may also lead to heart problems.

If you have been suffering from gum disease, it can also affect your heart. The type of bacteria that can cause gum disease can also travel down into your blood vessels. They can cause plaque that can aid in the development of heart problems. Even mild periodontal disease can have an effect on your heart since the same bacteria that causes it is in your blood stream which the body’s immune system has to deal with. Bear in mind that when you go to your dentist to have your gum disease treated, you are also taking care of your heart in the process.

Red mouth and an swollen tongue can signal a nutritional deficiency.

If you experience reddening on the corners of your mouth, it may indicate that you have a deficiency in vitamin B6. Having a swollen tongue, that’s red and shiny may signal an iron deficiency. In addition, a pale tongue can tell you that you are suffering from anemia. Try to take note of any tongue discoloration and mention it to your doctor on your next check up.

Bleeding gums may indicate a hormonal imbalance.

Bleeding gums in women may be a possible sign of hormonal imbalance. There are hormone receptors found in gum tissue. There are times when a pregnant woman may experience bleeding gums not as a result of poor dental health. It may be caused by hormonal imbalance. The same thing can happen to women during menopause.
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