Common Health Problems Men Should Not Ignore

Most men do not like a trip to the doctor’s office all the time. Most of them try to gut it out. Most men will only decide to pay a visit if they feel or see something that may warrant a doctor’s check-up. If it isn’t a gaping wound that bleeds or if they are not coughing up blood, there’s no need to. But unbeknownst to most men, there are common health problems that may actually require a visit to the doctor. Here are some of them.

Persistent Leg Pain

When men experience leg pain, they usually attribute it to muscle soreness or cramps. But if you feel leg pain even if you have not exerted any physical effort that may cause it, then it might be something more serious. For one thing, it may be a symptom of a developing heart problem. One of the first signs of a worsening circulatory system is usually leg pain and not chest pain. The developing plaque can block the longer blood vessels of the legs, resulting in lesser oxygen coming into the muscles and causing leg pain.

Sore Throat

Most men don’t consider sore throat as that much of a bother. They man it out and try to get through it. One big mistake is that most men will down antibiotics, even though it hasn’t been established as caused by bacteria. Sometimes the pain goes away by itself. But if it is the long and lingering kind of sore throat that feels like you swallowed some crushed glass and gives you a hard time speaking, then it may be something serious. It may be a strep throat, which needs medical attention. The infection may cause pus to form in the surrounding tissues in your throat. It can block the airways and make it harder to breathe if not treated immediately.

Frequent Nosebleeds

Most men are not scared of occasional nosebleeds. It is something that does not automatically warrant a visit to the doctor’s office. There can also be various causes such as dry air, very hot weather or too aggressive nose-blowing. But a nosebleed that seems to come out from nothing may also mean another thing- high blood pressure. This condition can cause nosebleeds because the small vessels in the nose contain tiny cracks. A sudden high pressure can cause blood to gush out of them. If you have a sudden nosebleed and cannot determine what may be causing it, try to have your blood pressure checked. You might have high blood pressure, which will require some medical attention.
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