Dry Cleaning Alternatives

Many people consider the convenience of dry cleaning their clothes. It is particularly useful for cleaning delicate or thick clothing. Dry cleaning may be convenient, but it can also be costly. Not only that, studies shows that some chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning may not be safe.

According to information coming from the US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, a dry cleaning chemical compound called perchloroethylene is considered unsafe. Animal studies have shown that the use of perc, a shortened and more common term for the said compound, can cause cancer through inhalation and ingestion through the mouth. A newly dry cleaned article of clothing contains perc residues. If it is stored directly into the closet, the chemical compound will evaporate and mix with the air inside the enclosed space. There is the risk of inhaling the unsafe chemical compound. Residues that remain in the clothing may be a risk to babies. They can suck on the dry cleaned clothes that mothers wear and ingest the chemical into their system. Many kids may be exposed to this harmful chemical. In order to avoid the risks, parents can consider using safer alternatives to dry cleaning. Here are just some of them.

Hand or machine-wash those clothes.

The best alternative to dry cleaning is to hand or machine-wash the clothes instead. You can make use of safer detergents that does not harm the environment or pose a health risk to people. Almost all garments can benefit from “wet” cleaning. Those fibers can sometimes need the moisture. Although it may take time to do, you can at least avoid the risks that perc and traditional dry cleaning may pose to your health.

Consider eco-friendly and safe dry cleaning options.

Some garments require dry cleaning in its care instructions. In order to stay away from the risks of perc, there are new dry cleaning alternatives available. There are dry cleaners that make use of high pressure cleaning using liquid carbon dioxide. Some cleaners make use of silicone-based compounds for a more eco-friendly approach.

You can try DIY dry cleaning.

If your clothes really require dry cleaning care, then you can try those home dry cleaning kits instead. Although you will need to follow important cleaning instructions, it may be worth the try. It may not offer the quality cleaning of professional dry cleaners. However, you can make sure that you are using non-perc cleaning chemicals.

Evaluate your garment choices.

The best alternative to dry cleaning is by avoiding it. That will only be possible if you take a closer look at your wardrobe choices when buying them. Select clothes that do not require dry cleaning. It will be a big help towards trying to lessen your dependence on dry cleaning.
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